Otis and Eleanor

Otis and Eleanor 3rd Co-op

Coral Springs, Florida


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

26.84% Annualized $1.0500 for every $1.00

2.3 MonthsCo-Op Completed

71% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

PLEASE BE ADVISED - Read the following statement from Kickfurther before purchasing packs from this co-op.

This co-op is among the first launched under Kickfurther's newest co-op type, "Inventory Visibility" or "IV".  Co-ops of the IV Type are not backed by assigned wholesale purchase orders. Instead Kickfurther forms a relationship with the warehouse provider and tracks inventory levels relying on third party inventory verification. 

Read more about the release of Inventory Visibility here.

Payouts made during this co-op will not come in one lump sum to Kickfurther from the brands client directly at the end. Instead Kickfurther will monitor inventory levels and invoice against inventory that is shipped from the fulfillment center on a bi-weekly basis beginning when the Inventory funded is available or the Inventory Available date which ever is sooner.  Incremental payouts during the lifetime of the co-op may be withdrawn or used to purchase from other co-ops.

Kickfurther inventory is subject to "First In, First Out" meaning that once the Kickfurther inventory arrives or the Inventory Available date is reached, all sales of the funded item type are invoiced against regardless of whether the specific unit shipped was funded by Kickfurther or the business.

For more information on how invoices are generated see this post.

Additional Update

The Completion date has been updated to include a 10 day hold period after the final payment is due by the brand. See below for the contractual Payout dates.

                           ---------------------- End of Kickfurther Statement -----------------------

Hi Kickfurther community-

Otis and Eleanor is back again for round 3! After successfully completing co-op 1 for $15,628.80 and co-op 2 for $182,236.00 successfully and profitably for our buyers

This co-op will be our first foray into the Inventory Visibility where Kickfurther will have complete visibility into our Amazon FBA system.  For this co-op type and we are funding a modest $31,000 of signature Bongo Speakers. These will be sold primarily direct to consumer through the Amazon system.

The production will occur overseas in China and our suppliers will be paid directly by kickfurther. This is something I have extensive experience in (please take a look at our production flow chart in the Owner Team section of the Company tab). 

Once the contract begins, there will be approximately 57 days until the inventory is available for sale. I have allowed for 2 months for the sales of this co-op. 

I welcome buyers new and old to join Otis and Eleanor Inc. for a smooth and profitable co-op. 

Thanks for listening, happy buying, and feel free to ask your questions in the comments!

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