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Otamot Foods launches 4th Kickfurther Co-Op!

Brooklyn, NY


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7.29% Co-Op Profit Margin $7.84 profit per pack

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Otamot ("tomato" backwards) has quickly become the leading national brand of organic, veggie-filled, nutritious tomato sauces. Founded by a dad who simply wanted to help daughter eat healthier, Otamot's story is one nearly any parent can relate to. Sold nationally at 2,000+ retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Erewhon, Wegmans, and more, Otamot is focused on making everyday foods better for you. Learn more at www.otamotfoods.com (use code "KICKFURTHER" for 15% off).This summer, we are driving a lot of volume and trial with our key retailers, especially Sprouts' which operate 362 retail stores across 23 states nationwide. In July, we were chosen as the hero "Deal of the Month" for this retailer, which is sent to 3,000,000 customers. This co-op is to help us fund the current inventory on hand so that we can submit new POs and ensure our customers are never left sauceless! Sprouts has been featured on the Fortune list of the World's Most Admired Companies in 2018 and 2019, and is one of the leading national grocers for natural and organic foods - a perfect fit for Otamot.On June 16, Otamot hosted its fifth live, virtual Cook & Learn which had over 5,000 consumers RSVP! The event helped us launch a new SKU and raise awareness of our brand. Below is an image of the signup form.Otamot has been featured in numerous press articles, including Good Morning America, The View, Today, and many other. We were also named a Finalist for Best New Organic Food Product at Expo West in 2020 and were included in Whole Foods' Annual Top Ten Foods Trends Report.#SAUCEBOSS

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