New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply

New Wave Wholesale's 11th Co-op on Kickfurther!

Manalapan, NJ

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

16.61% Annualized $1.0710 for every $1.00

5.2 MonthsCo-Op Completed

28% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello, Kickfurther Community!

We are Daneli aka New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply and we are back again for our ELEVENTH co-op on the Kickfurther platform (breaking our own record!). We have successfully completed all 8 co-ops of our previous co-ops. Our 9th and 10th co-ops are proceeding on schedule. 

This co-op is specifically for 2 of our Wax Case Products:

K Wax - Pink

K Wax - Natural

The inventory is currently ready to ship and will be released as soon as the co-op closes and the supplier receives payment. 

The inventory is on it's way to our self-managed warehouse location. The inventory will be inspected by a third party inspection service sent by Kickfurther in mid January. 

We will begin providing sales reports on a bi-weekly basis immediately after receipt of the goods. Our inventory levels will be physically inspected on a monthly basis to ensure business reporting accuracy.

We have estimated four and a half months of sales will be required to payout this co-op on a consignment basis, however, we have revenue from non-funded SKU's that can be used to supplement the payment if for some reason business is slow. We believe it is very possible that sales will exceed the projections we used when designing this co-op

Our funded SKUs are commodities that have a huge market demand. 

KF has been in contact with our suppliers, they will be paying the balance that we owe and reimbursing us for deposits that we have made on the order. 

Our business had over 4 million dollars in revenue on our last 2 tax returns. Additionally, our revenue grew by over $300,000 to over 4.7 million in 2017. 

We have personally guaranteed this co-op.

We have been in business for nearly 10 years. 

New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply consistently delivers to our customers and the buyers of our previous co-ops. Our buyers on this co-op won't experience anything different. 

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