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New Product - Motorcycle MotoProCam Dual 1080P Camera System

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Hi Everyone,

I have done 2 successful co-ops in the past and in both cases, all buyers were paid off early! And we are back and we will be working with KickFurther and the buyer community often in 2018! This particular co-op is for a brand new product that we are going to launch in the motorcycle industry. We have sold thousands and thousands of dashcams for truckers for years and we are launching a motorcyle camera system that will help the motorcycle driver record front and rear in 1080P WDR Wide angle video! The driver will have video evidence of what happened in case they were in an accident plus they will be able to post cool videos in their social media accounts! 

We already have 20+ of these cameras pre-sold and we have not even started selling them yet. We have 2 motorcycle dealers in Austin that is excited and going to allow us to set up tents on Saturday's to pitch this product directly to motorcycle owners, plus these dealerships will stock and sell the product on an on-going basis! Again, we have not even started selling yet! We believe we should have at least 50% or more of the cameras sold before we even get them!

Below are a couple of videos for you to review:

Sample Driving Video:

Basic Installation Video:

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