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15.52% Annualized $557.48 profit per pack

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23% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

KICKFURTHER NOTE: The credit card limit has been raised temporarily to allow for the purchase of 1 pack for this Co-Op. 

What We Do

mcSquares designs, manufactures and sells products that help people stay organized, inspire team creativity and cultivates organizational collaboration. 

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We have 6 product families:

mcSquares Tablets

mcSquares Tablets are premium, templated, stackable, hand-held dry-erase tabletsmcSquares Tiles-Organize, categorize, sort, plan and delegate with our miniature and large hand-held, frameless dry-erase tiles.

mcSquares Stickies

Stickies are reusable, dry-erase,adhesive-free stickers; an eco-friendly replacement for post-it notes. (more on these later)

mcSquares Whiteboards

Frameless, Magnetic Whiteboards Sized For Your Space

mcSquares Surfaces

Removable desk or tabletop mounted whiteboard surfaces that also stick to smooth walls

mcSquares Extras

Accessories that will enhance your mcSquares experience. (markers, erasers, etc)

Why we are returning for financing from Kickfurther

We have used Kickfurther previously in 2016 and we paid back ahead of schedule. We officially launched mcSquares Stickies on at the beginning of March and the product is taking off. We have increased sales week over week and the only limit to our growth is our ability to send inventory to Amazon. 

We have over 30 SKUs on Amazon - 2 listings are starting to do very well, targeted at 2 audiences

  • Eco-friendly replacements for post-it notes: Amazon link

  • Printed dry-erase calendars that work on any smooth surface: Amazon link

We are seeking for financing to purchase the raw materials we need to mass-produce Stickies and to increase our ad-spend.

In the last 30 days we have sold over $12,500 of Stickies and Tackies through Amazon and have received over $45,000 in purchase orders. Further, we believe that our Amazon sales will dramatically grow because:

  •  We have been actively selling on Amazon for only 6 weeks and we are seeing week over week growth

  •  We have run out of inventory twice, our sales would have been greater if we had stock in Amazon's warehouse 

  •  We are spending more on advertising every week to grow the channel

  • Our customers LOVE the product and we are starting to see reorders

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We performed the first time we used Kickfurther when there was much less oversight and we will do it again this time.

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