Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Cleveland, OH

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3.62% Co-Op Profit Margin $5.81 profit per pack

2.7 MonthsDuration


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Mad Rabbit is committed to reinventing the tattoo care space, one revolutionary product at a time. A simple, effective, and reliable product, delivered right to your door. Founded by 2 best friends during their senior year of college, with $600 each, Mad Rabbit has transformed from a 2-person company that they ran out of a college apartment, into a high growth company with multiple employees and products.

Mad Rabbit is a no-nonsense product, formulated with clean, all-natural ingredients.
Mad Rabbit Revenue:
Started Business January 2019
- Year 1(2019): $400,529.84 (With just 1 Product)
- Year 2(2020):$2,837,283.32 (With just 1 Product)
- Year 3 Goal(2021): $10 (Will have 3 Products)

Mad Rabbit Sales Channels:
Our Website
- Our Amazon Page

Mad Rabbit will use the funds from this to purchase additional units of our best-selling product. Our all-natural tattoo balm, to keep up with the increased demand from our customers. We sell out of inventory often and have to keep up with demand by increasing our order each time. We are projecting to sell $10 million in 2021. We have had over 100,000 customers and are planning to 3x that in 2021. For example, we did $128K in sales in January 2020 and $440K in sales in January 2021.

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