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Lash Affair launches on Kickfurther with our high margin lash extension kit!

Phoenix, Arizona

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13.05% Co-Op Profit Margin $3.23 profit per pack

7.6 MonthsDuration


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Hello Kickfurther Buyers,

Lash Affair is your source for professional eyelash extension supplies and training. Whether you are looking to start your career in lashes, advance your lash skills with one of our volume lash courses, or just aching for a lash company that makes your success a top priority, Lash Affair has you covered. From trainings in the US, Canada, and Italy, to outstanding customer service and lash products, Lash Affair will serve you and your clients well through the test of time!

We've been growing responsibly year over year and have had Million+ revenue on our 3 most recent tax returns. We are using Kickfurther to build up inventory and continue our growth while we pursue equity investment to take our business to the next level. We sell overwhelmingly through our website to individuals and hundreds of wholesale accounts throughout North America where we receive high margins. We have strong margins and an established industry brand that uses sustainable education as marketing to expand our reach. We have a number of unfunded product lines that can help support this Co-op should any unexpected issues arise. 

We understand the Pay As You Sell model and intend to follow it to the tee. We expect to complete by sales ahead of schedule, but have selected a timeline we feel extremely confident we can keep to even if there are issues. We look forward to working with and communicating with the community. 

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