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Krueger Outdoor joins Kickfurther for 2nd Co-Op! Fund Esker Cycles - Elkat Framesets

Columbia Falls, MT

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8.6% Co-Op Profit Margin $85.20 profit per pack

5.1 MonthsDuration


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Hi Kickfurther Community! Krueger Outdoor / Esker Cycles is excited to launch it's 2nd Co-Op! We finished our first deal off early and are looking to fund our best-selling line of Esker Cycles!!!


WE ARE ESKER Esker is a fusion of the rider owned dedication of passionate mountain bikers, the cumulative experience of industry veterans, and the desire to challenge traditional methods in order to make the best product possible available to anyone and everyone that wants to get out and ride. People are getting outside more, and bikes are surging in popularity this year.  This has been great for sales, and has made up significantly up our purchasing, at the same time all other companies are also increasing orders, and supply chains are tight.  We have instituted a pre-order process, and have 1/3 of our incoming season's production already on pre-order deposits.  Due to the longer production lead times, and our increase in production quantities, we have surpassed our normal operating capital, and are needing to finance the start of our incoming productions.  This helps us bridge the gap from needing to pay for the parts and frames about 2-3 months prior to being able to invoice the customer for them.  Like our previous co-op with our Terrene Tires product, our methods create pre-orders that have committed customers for the product, and we are extremely certain of our sales because of that.  Our need for co-ops is just bridging the financial gap between paying for the products, transportation and assembly time, and then billing the customer and shipping.  

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