Kokopelli Outdoor, Inc.

Kokopelli Outdoor 3rd Kickfurther Co-Op for Bestselling Pack Raft

Denver, CO


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

10.04% Co-Op Profit Margin $37.54 profit per pack

5.5 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

**The distinction between this Co-Op and our 2nd Co-Op funded last week is the SKU being funded. The last one was for the Rogue-lite, while this one is for the Rogue with Spraydeck. These are our 2 best selling SKUs and will be shipped to the same clients listed below.**

Hello Kickfurther Community,

Kokopelli Packraft was founded out of a garage in Denver, CO on the single principle of innovation. In the early years this meant we were solely focused on innovating our packrafts. As we expanded this has grown into a focus of innovating the sport and establishing Kokopelli as a leading brand in the packraft market. We have grown out of the garage and now have offices in Denver, and utilize two 3PL warehouses to manage fulfilment of our growing sales. However, as a growing company, we have working capital needs to fund growing inventory.

Our company has over 35 established retailers including REI, one of the largest outdoor retailers in the US as well as Backcountry.com, Outdoor PlayOptics Planet, and AirKayaks.com. Our company has sold over $1,000,000 YTD in 2018 and we are looking to expand as the market continues to develop. The funds from this KickFurther campaign will be used to finance inventory that is currently being produced for our 2019 season. We have received a large number of pre-season orders from our exisiting retailers which means a significant portion of this inventory is pre-sold. We have started procuring materials and will go into production in December. The goods will be delivered and ready to deliver to retailers by March. We appreciate your support and look forward to using Kickfurther long term as part of our growth strategy.

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