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Knuckle Lights is back for second Co-Op!!

West Linn, OR

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13.2% Co-Op Profit Margin $105.24 profit per pack

8.4 MonthsDuration


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We are excited to be back for our second Co-Op on Kickfurther.  Our first campaign was such a success that we were able to finish and pay off an entire month early!

We had really good growth last year and have big plans for 2021.  The funds from this Co-Op will be used to purchase inventory for three of our core products: Knuckle Lights Advanced, which is our rechargeable version, Knuckle Lights Colors, our newest battery operated version, and Knuckle Lights Original.  We have had steady Year over Year growth for each of these products and this inventory will sustain us through the busy fall and early winter season.  

We now have a full time graphic designer on staff and have completely redesigned the packaging for each of our versions. The result is a much more attractive and up-to-date look to the packaging.  We are also in the process of redesigning our Amazon images, including our Enhanced Brand Content and will be updating our website within a few months.  We expect these visual improvements to spike our upward sales trend even more.

Our supply chain and logistics procedures are well established.  We have worked with the same factory since we launched our first version of Knuckle Lights and are the top priority customer for production.  This long term relationship assures a high quality product as we continually have refined the production over the years.  Much of our inventory is stored at Amazon in FBA facilities, but we also use our own warehouse for shipping our wholesale and online orders.

Finally, we are excited to announce that we have designed 4 brand new products that will be launching this year. Our factory is already in production of 3 of the 4 products so we will have these on hand in June. Although the new products are not included on this Co-Op, we do plan to have them on future ones. But the new products will help to further expand our customer base and reach.

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