Glamour Dolls Makeup

Jersey Doll Lipstick and Gloss Snob

Montclair, NJ

Total Raised
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88.1% Annualized $1.1400 for every $1.00

1.9 MonthsCo-Op Completed

96% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

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Glamour Dolls ( is a fast growing cosmetics line that fills a mass market demand for cruelty free, on-trend, quality makeup at the <$5 price point. Our makeup is carried in a number of regional and nationwide retailers and has been picked up for distribution throughout Europe by EMN.

We currently have PO financing, but this offer will help us to better allocate cashflow, lower cost of capital, expand production and purchase extra reorder inventory for two of our best selling products: celebrity endorsed Jersey Doll Lipstick and our hero SKU Gloss Snob.

Jersey Doll Lipstick (Product Page) was launched for Style Network star Tracy DiMarco Epstein (Instagram) and the entire first run of 12k units sold out in under 6 weeks. It is currently back-ordered at Strawberry Stores, Payhalf Stores, and Rainbow Shops.

Gloss Snob (Product Page) is our fastest moving product both online and in stores. It is consistently sold out and on back-order and we would like to build up a few months of inventory rather than wait each month for retailer purchase orders to begin production.

Once we are funded, our manufacturing lead time is 45 days + 30 days for transport and warehouse delivery. A third of the shipment is already sold and will go out immediately covering the production costs and making this a low-risk offer with great return!

Check out our pre-launch event at the Mandee's at NY Barclay's Center: 

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