J-bees December '17 Payout

Los Angeles,CA

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19% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.1900 for every $1.00

6.9 MonthsDuration

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Hello Kickfurther,

We just can't stop growing and you are coming with us for the ride! After successfully delivering our last orders, we have been working with existing clients and finding new ones at top trade shows. My bundled co-op wasn't funding as quickly as I like and there were a few complaints made about pack size as well as some requests for a personal guarantee which I have decided to sign for this co-op voluntarily.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Yekim Brand, my name is Martez. I got my start doing custom pieces for celebrities. When I decided to launch my own brand, many of my old clients were supportive and between standard trade show outreach and their support suddenly I was receiving more wholesale orders than I could fulfill at the time. When I came I came to Kickfurther 2 months ago with $250,000 of purchase orders from multiple clients on hand I didn't know what to expect, but it has been phenomenal. Now my inventory has been delivered and I have over 500,000 of purchase orders on hand and there is only one place I would come to fund it.

Of the 5 purchase orders I have successfully funded on Kickfurther, One vendor paid out early and completed ahead of schedule, and the other four have inventory and are on track to make payment on schedule.

This co-op will specifically cover a purchase order of a mixture of our top selling jackets. 

This inventory will be produced in Pakistan as well as Los Angelos. I expect production to take 60 days overseas with 30-40 days of transport time to the US. We will deliver this merchandise on 10/1/17. I am working with the same manufacturers I have in the past and they have consistently delivered high-quality product. 

The order is for my top existing client, Chicago-based fashion retailer J-bees, to be sold through their 23 brick and mortar locations as well as e-commerce presence. 

Once the inventory arrives at J-bees there will be a net 60 payment term, so it will be paid at the end of November. The purchase order has been formally assigned to Kickfurther, who will collect and distribute the purchase order payment.

Some people ask me why I am offering the high rate of profit I am. The reason is that I am not greedy. I want you to share in my success. I am incredibly grateful to the Kickfurther community for the role you are playing in the rapid growth my business is experiencing. I am 100% in confident in my own ability to deliver, and I know that this expanded footprint is paving the way for even bigger opportunities. 

I have put in a tremendous amount of work to get to the point we are at today. During 2016 I had to turn down more orders than I accepted because of this specific limitation. I have strong margins and a lot of opportunities if I am able to keep up with growing my production. Because of this, I have gone out of my way to offer the community an attractive profit in order to expedite funding and allow me to begin planning future orders. I hope that you will see Yekim as more than a single deal, but a partner that you can work with to continue to earn your piece of the lucrative fashion industry. You may see a few other of my purchase orders getting launched on this site at the same time and I hope you will consider supporting those efforts as well. I look forward to communicating with you all directly and addressing any questions you may have.

Happy Buying!

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