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39.77% Annualized$1.1100 for every $1.00

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83% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hey Kickfurther Community! iPlush is back to give the Kickfurther platform another go! We have heard all of your suggestions and concerns in reference to our first Co-Op and have come back with a very attractive response. First, we decided to fund only half of the production run through Kickfurther, cutting the total raise in half. Furthermore, we decided it would be best to offer a more attraective profit margin on the first go around until we have developed some credibility with this amazing community. We hope you find this new Co-Op attractive and to your liking. Thanks for all your support thus far! 

iPlush Toy - inflate a toy, is the one and only company that brings the plush toy industry to a greater level it has never achieved. Our patented, high quality and unique products have bought this company to a value none have ever attained.

What brings about this great pride? Each huggable, plush character is filled with a patented (US Patent Number 6960113), high quality bladder that has the ability to inflate and deflate. This allows easy storage, easy shipping, lightweight and portable and best of all machine washable that makes it hypo-allergenic. These benefits and many others make us one of a kind.

With an all new, extensive variety of huggable, cuddly, colorful and unique characters there is no doubt that you will bond with a personal touch.

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Now that you've mastered the concept, here is what we have in mind for you. Our goal is to bring joy and smiles to each and every child out there in a positive method that means parents alike. With the significant benefits of storage space, hypoallergenic, compact for travel etc., parents too acknowledge the innovation. Every home deserves to take pride and joy with an iPlush Toy!

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With 3 minutes of your time you'll discover how the revolutionary, inflatable plush toys are making big change to the world!

Watch our video of a real life episode, where we demonstrate the many cool features and benefits of our patented iPlush Products.

In the last 12 months, after improving our product selection, and heavily investing in marketing and R&D, we exhibited in 2 major trade shows in the toys industry – In Jan 2016 we exhibited in the HK international toy fair, and in NY on Feb 2016, NY international toy fair in the Javit’s center. Our concept got great responses and we collected many leads and closed distributor deals. Some of those are already in process, locating in USA – Canada, multiple EU countries (UK- Germany-Spain-Hungary), South America and Middle East countries. We've been preaching our concept to major retailers as well as in the last quarter we have gotten great feedback. At the moment, in addition to selling directly to wholesalers and distributors, we're expanding our inventory levels in the USA, allowing us to approach smaller accounts and spread the new concept efficiently. Most of our customers are distributes of toys and collectibles, and they feel foundation of strength knowing that this item has a worldwide patent, diverting any other competitor. This allows them to maintain reasonable margins and avoid “price wars” as it may occur with generic items. Our products can be found also on ToysRus.com, Walmart.com, Sears and other major retailers.

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This co-op is based on an order that was already confirmed, and it's for a returning and established customer which we already have good relationship with. We have also made sure to reserve enough “spare” time, between the time we are supposed to actually fulfill the order and the promised payback time, therefore we are confident that we will pay on time – or hopefully even possibly 30-60 days before the last payback deadline. In addition we have some more inventory on hand that is more than 5,000 pcs, and some cash reserves making it understood that not all of the company is based on this co-op.

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Though like any growing company our cash reserves are not outrageous, and one of our main goals for launching this campaign is not only for raising money - but it's also for the exposure of our new concept that this platform allows. Though we are in business for about 2 years now, we are NOT a start-up company. Since the start of our company, we have sold from our expanded line of products over $400k worth of iPlush, demonstrating more than 300% sales growth from year 1 to year 2, with over $ 250k of it in 2016, and we expect to grow even more in the next year and our goal is to reach $930K by the closing of the upcoming year.

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