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Austin, Texas


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11.02% Co-Op Profit Margin $16.28 profit per pack

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Hello Kickfurther Backers,

I, Dr. Dennis "Denny" Hamill,  founded iFetch with my family based on an idea from my grandson, Grant. We have experienced tremendous success and growth over the past few years and we are excited to join the Kickfurther community to help grow our business beyond what has been possible with our existing resources. In the last 12mo, sales have exceeded $2MM! 

 My own background is in corporate tech. I was most recently Chairman of the Board at MCC as well as board member and advisor at a number of other companies. Previous to that, I had a 3 decade stint at 3M, where I led the Electronic Markets Center, a new market-based organization delivering over $1.5B in products from 15 different 3M divisions to the global electronic manufacturing industry. I have a 700+ credit score and have personally guaranteed this Co-Op!

Back to the business: Our first sales were in February of 2016 with the introduction of iFetch, the interactive ball launcher for small dogs. iFetch won new product awards at two major pet shows: SuperZoo and Global Pet Expo. We introduced iFetch Too, a ball launcher for larger dogs a year later and it also won new product awards at both shows. iFetch Frenzy, an interactive dog brain game was introduced and won awards at both shows too. 

Our largest resellers are Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Chewy.com. We also have distributors in other countries comprising a smaller but growing portion of our business.

Our new product iDig won the highest award at SuperZoo this summer before its release and continues a very successful rollout. Our earlier products were focused on dogs who like to fetch. Interactive ball launchers allow dogs to learn and play by themselves. Not all dogs fetch but almost all dogs like to dig. iDig won Outstanding New Dog Product at one of the biggest pet shows: SuperZoo in Las Vegas in July. Check out the product video here.

Our launch of iDig is well underway and it will be added as a new product at each wholesale account along with the portfolio of products already being sold. We have been preselling on our own website to create interest but will launch officially at the end of November when we have units in inventory. We have already been advertising and have a lot of interest from resellers. We are confident in our projections to sell the iDig based on the product timeline, however, we commit to maintaining our payment schedule regardless of sales pace using revenues from other product sales.

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