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Berkeley, CA

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6.97% Co-Op Profit Margin $23.66 profit per pack

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Sabor Mexicano 3rd Kickfurther Campaign.
We are a family owned and operated business located in Berkeley CA.

Our premium all-natural and NonGMO Mexican products are sold through many different channels. You can find us in over 1000+ Natural and Specialty Stores such as Whole Foods Market, Mollie Stones Markets, Nugget Markets, New Seasons Market, National Co-ops and Independent Stores to mention a few.

Snack sales continue to increase during the pandemic and, we at, Sabor Mexicano are very fortunate to continue to grow as well. Our growth has come from increasing current store sales, a national distribution with Whole Foods Market and gaining traction with online grocery delivery services.

Currently, we have 11 active regions with Whole Foods Market which translates into 490 stores nationally, this makes WFM our biggest customer by sales.

Our goal as a company, is to continue introducing unique premium Mexican products that are healthy, flavorful and most importantly, made with real and simple ingredients.

The funds for this campaign will be use to produce inventory in-preparation for Super Bowl 2021. The month of February, is the best month of the year in sales for Salty Snacks, Salsas and Dips. We are expecting to have a very busy February 2021 Since we have double our number of stores compared to last February 2020.  Last Super Bowl 2020, we only had about 500 Stores total, now we are closing 2020 with more than 1000 stores nationally.

We are very excited to keep sharing our success with all of you and thank you for supporting our tasty, healthy, Mexican products.

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