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Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle Launches a Third Co-op!

Boulder, CO


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

22.48% Annualized $1.0850 for every $1.00

4.6 MonthsCo-Op Completed

63% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

PLEASE BE ADVISED - Read the following statement from Kickfurther before purchasing packs from this co-op.

This co-op is the first launched under Kickfurther's newest co-op type, "Inventory Visibility" or "IV".  Co-ops of the IV Type are not backed by assigned wholesale purchase orders. Instead Kickfurther forms a relationship with the warehouse provider and tracks inventory levels relying on third party inventory verification. 

Read more about the release of Inventory Visibility here.

Payouts made during this co-op will not come in one lump sum to Kickfurther from the brands client directly at the end. Instead Kickfurther will monitor inventory levels and invoice against inventory that is shipped from the fulfillment center on a bi-weekly basis beginning when the Inventory funded is available or the Inventory Available date which ever is sooner.  Kickfurther inventory is subject to "First In, First Out" meaning that once the Kickfurther inventory arrives or the Inventory Available date is reached, all sales of the funded item type are invoiced against regardless of whether the specific unit shipped was funded by Kickfurther or the business. Incremental payouts during the lifetime of the co-op may be withdrawn or used to purchase from other co-ops.

For more information on how invoices are generated see this post.

                           ---------------------- End of Kickfurther Statement -----------------------

Update: We have taken down our previous co-op and re-posted  under new terms based on feedback from the buyer community.  The edits to the co-op include a shorter timeline, and an increase in profit. The result is a substantial increase in profit per month. Thank you for your support. 

Please note we updated our payment schedule by a 4 full weeks, however the Kickfurther completion date is now set to acknowledge the 5-10 day hold period. See the chart below for our contratual payout schedule with Kickfurther. 

Hello Kickfurther Buyers,

We are Hidrate and we are excited to be back on the Kickfurther platform for the launch of Inventory Visibility Co-ops. We have had a wonderful experience with the Kickfurther community having funded and paid out on 2 successful co-ops, one for $32,000, and another for just below $100,000. Both were completed in a timely fashion. 

We've been growing rapidly since our last Co-Op in February, generating $3 million in 2017 YTD revenue and locking down a launch in Target.com this month. As we return to fund again under the newly released Inventory Visibility type we are completely confident that are raise goal of $200,000 is inline with our rapid sales growth. This raise will fund a portion of our overall inventory buy for Q4 (high-demand holiday sales season) and start of Q1. Kickfurther's finance has scaled with our rapid growth and does not dilute our ownership by requiring us to give up equity. We value this tool and have intentionally invested in your support. Hidrate has already performed sucessfully on our previous raises and this raise will include protections for the buyers that did not apply to our previous raises.

  • Our Supplier will be paid by Kickfurther Directly

  • We have signed a power of attorney with regard to our Warehouse and Fulfilment provider.

  • Our Provider will sign an authorization acknowledging this Power of Attorney prior to the release of our funds.

  • Kickfurther will have visilbility to third party verified reports to track inventory that leaves our proivder and bill us accordingly. 

  • An owner has personally guaranteed the co-op inventory

We support these protections as we have always acted honorably and responsibly with regard to our contractual obligations and will continue to do so. Inventory Visibility currently serves the needs of our business which has focused on direct to consumer sales in a way that Purchase Order type could not. 

To get into the specifics of our co-op you will be funding our core product the Hidrate bottle for primarily direct to consumer sales. Production and shipping from our supplier in China will take 3 months and we project 1.5 months of selling to complete the co-op. Inventory will arrive in December and will sell through sufficiently by beginning of Februrary. Payouts will be made based on the following sales cycles and paid on following dates. You should expect to receive payment 5-10 days later than it is remitted based on the Kickfurther funds holding policy. 


We are excited to work with you for the third time. Feel free to adress any questions you have to us directly!

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