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Hey There, Kickfurther gang! Thank you for taking a look at our second Co-Op!

I'd like to start off with a note of transparency and appreciation: Our first Co-Op was paid back 19 days late.

The fact that we paid our backers back late killed me... I hated falling short on our commitment. Thank you to everyone who supported us through a very intense and fast-paced season in which we brought on two NEW retailers, Target and CVS. We learned a lot throughout the duration of Co-Op 1, such as what sell-through will actually look like per banner, category, and SKU. We also learned that in-store dates can vary by a couple of weeks. As a result of this experience, we are now able to put together very accurate sell-through assumptions and we've even added in 30-days of margin to ensure an on-time payback. 

In an effort to keep up with our commitment the best we could, please keep in mind that we did issue a bonus payback to the backers of Co-Op 1 to keep their earnings in line with what they signed up for. Additionally, we are offering Co-Op 2 at a higher rate (14%) to build trust and to say thank you!

Now, for the fun stuff!

2018 was a BIG year for us; we closed out strong with over 1.32M in net sales. We brought on 3 NEW retailers and launched our first exclusive program with Target. Our revenue grew 45% in 2018 from 2017...we couldn't have done this without you. As we to climb and claim our throne as the King of Wipes, we continue to wake up dormant and sleepy categories. We are making noise in Feminine Hygiene and people are hearing us - over 100 emails come in per day from excited and thankful consumers, sharing how we have become a STAPLE in their hygiene routine. 

As we have proven our value and position for multiple retailers, we have many new expansion awards to be excited about this year. With more placements and additional doors, we expect 2019 to close at ~4M --- and with the backing of the Kickfurther community, we can achieve this company milestone. 

The products for this co-op primarily repeating staples of ours for months and even years. 

  • Our 16ct. Count Down There Wipes are available in 4 different scent options. These wipes are sold in 2000 CVS stores and come April, ~1,700 Targets(171% increase from last year). They have a high velocity for our category, and sell-through quickly.

  • Our 60ct. Down There Wipes in Shea Coco are offered in a VERY high-velocity grocer out of Texas, HEB. These wipes are also offered on Amazon.

  • Our 60ct. Down There Wipes in Lavender and Below the Belt Wipes in Cedar are rockstars on Amazon, moving upwards of 60 units/day.

  • Our 20ct. Down There Wipes in V. Fresh will be offered in Light Blatter Control at CVS. We will also list this product in kits on Amazon. 

  • Our 20ct. Flushable Flow Pack has been offered in ~250 airport locations through our partner, Paradies -Lagardere, and are the only flushable wipes offered in their Personal Care set.

  • Whewww...finally, our 10ct. Body Wipes flow packs, in both Fresh and Lavender, are offered in Academy Sports and Outdoors, where we outsell Wet-Ones 2:1 at cash-wrap. 

Our Down There Wipes excite retailers and consumers alike because they are actually flushable, biodegradable, made with great ingredients, support a great social mission, and are actually COOL to buy, unlike legacy (dinosaur) brands.

All of these products sell so quickly that it is imperative we build up a healthy inventory over time. For now, we are placing these orders for the next several months.

We have already paid deposits on this inventory. This run will fill 5 40HQ containers, all leaving within 2 weeks of each other. We will receive all inventory by the second week of April. 

The primary objective of this 2nd. Co-Op is to build our credibility with the Kickfurther community, enable bigger production runs in the future, avoid out of stocks with our Amazon customers and Retail Customers, and be prepared for our Summer Spike as it will surely be a hot and humid in Summer 2019!

Here's a little marketing fun that we used to announce our Target launch:

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