Goodwipes Co-Op 1.0

Atlanta, GA

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18.79% Annualized $9.87 profit per pack

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42% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Our revenue grew 270% in 2017 from 2016 when we were a small brand. We ended Fiscal Year 2017 with $910,000 in sales, and Our Trailing Twelve Months sales are just over $1,115,000. We expect 2018 to close at $1.6mm --- and with the backing of the Kickfurther community we can achieve this company milestone. 

The products for this co-op have been repeat staples of ours for months, and even years. 

  • Our 16 Count Down There Wipes, Shea Coco and Lavender, are sold in Walmart, and now 2000 CVS stores. They have a high velocity for our category, and sell-through quickly.

    • We've received over 7.5 millions of press impressions for our Down There Wipes in the past month from publications such as Oxygen Magazine, Total Beauty, Women's Wear Daily, and Healthy Way.

  • Our Gals Body Wipe (Lavender) is our top selling product. Last year, we sold over $330,000 of this product on Amazon ALONE.

    • In fact, we sold over 1500 units of this item in one day on Amazon when we were the Deal of the Day! This equated to over $17,000 in sales for one day.

    • Their 2018 average is over 85 units per day.

  • Our Gender Neutral Body Wipes are sold in Container Store and Amazon where they average over 65 units per day.

  • We sell our Gender Neutral Body Wipes (in Bulk 500 packs) to Boutique Fitness Studios---Places like Cycle Bar, PureBarres, and Others. That equates to approx. $6000+ per month.

 The Gals' Body Wipes is our leading product with over 353 reviews on our Amazon. Our body wipes are so popular that they were featured by PopSugar Fitness 5 times during the holiday season! 

Our Down There Wipes excite retailers and consumers alike because they are actually flushable, biodegradable, made with great ingredients, support a great social mission, and are actually COOL to buy, unlike legacy (dinosaur) brands.

All of these products sell so quickly that it is imperative we build up a healthy inventory over time. For now, we are placing these orders for the next several months.

We have already paid deposits for some of this inventory. Most will arrive between late June, and July. This means that we will begin receiving invoices and be making payouts in August and plan to sell through the stock in 6 months or less.

The primary objective of this initial co-op is to build our credibility with the Kickfurther community, enable bigger production runs in the future, avoid out of stocks with our Amazon customers and Retail Customers, and be prepared for our Summer Spike as it will surely be a hot and humid in Summer 2018!

Here's our Good Friend Lace on Our Gal's Body Wipes: 

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