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Glamour Dolls Makeup ❤ Lisa Frank Collection

Montclair, NJ

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17.19% Annualized $1.1300 for every $1.00

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31% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hi Kickfurther community-

Glamour Dolls is back with our fourth campaign.  As always, our co-ops are 100% PO backed (no sales risk!) and this order is for more than 200% of the amount we're raising. We have adopted Kickfurther's new method of purchase order assignment and have formally assigned not just 1 purchase order which would have covered our co-op, but 2!

Last year we signed a collaboration deal with design legend Lisa Frank (super exciting) and are creating a limited edition collection of exclusive products for a few of our trade partners.  One of our customers alone has ordered 3.5m+ units (check out the first two products) and we'd love to include you in financing part of the holiday 2017 portion of the order.  

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This co-op will be running concurrently with our third co-op.  Those goods are already in transit to the customer warehouse and we are on schedule to pay on time or a few days early begining of April.  The deals are almost identical in structure and size so it's a nice illustration of how this one will run.  

If we are funded, the money will be used as the deposit for production on these two purchase orders:

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Both products share similar packaging components so we will manufacture them together and deliver both orders a few month early (the customer does not pay early but once the goods are in their warehouse, we can all sit back and wait for payment). 

From production deposit to delivery is 120 days (80 days manufacturing and 40 days shipping).  The customer pays the first week of October and first week of Decemeber respectively. 

Additional risk mitigation: 

-This deal has been approved for financing by our primary logistics partner H. Saga Intl.

-The KF community will only be financing a portion of these POs and H. Saga will be financing the balance

-Everyone benefits from having H. Saga's insurance coverage on the cargo

We'll be hosting a conference call tonight, Tuesday 2/7 at 9pm EST - 6pm PST to answer any questions.  If you log in from your computer you'll be able to see the screen share as well.

Join the call: 

Optional dial in number: 401-283-2610PIN: 37101


As always we really enjoy working with the community on multiple levels.  Your financing helps us grow and your feedback, criticism, support and suggestions keep us improving.  

Peter and Jess

ps stuff like this means everything to us

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