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Fifth Co-op!

Montclair, NJ

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on Feb 9, 2018

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21.61% Annualized $1.0450 for every $1.00

2.5 MonthsCo-Op Completed

57% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hi Kickfurther community-

Glamour Dolls is back with our FIFTH campaign.  As always, our co-ops are 100% PO backed (virtually no demand risk!) and this order is for an outstanding client in Ipsy. We have adopted Kickfurther's new method of purchase order assignment and have recently completed our largest co-op with a payout of over $350,000 to buyers. 

Our the Glamour Dolls Romantic Rose Blending Brush was so popular with Ipsy's customers that they've placed a reorder.  Check out the link below to see 100k+ reviews!

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This co-op will include a short turnaround of under 3 months. The manufacturing process has been initiated and we expect the inventory will be ready to ship by early December. At that time we will assess which transportation method will ensure that we meet Ipsy's delivery window. We are prepared to use any method including air shipment if necessary to meet the window.

We have a partnership for our manufacturer and we'll be using the same one as on our previous co-op.  As this is a reorder product the development and approval time was quick. 

Additional risk mitigation: 

- In addition to the assigned purchase order, this deal will cover significant amounts of additional inventory not going towards this order. 

- We have a variety of ongoing revenue streams of which this SKU and order is only one. If there were a catastrophe we are in a position to fix the situation with resources from elsewhere in the business. 

-Everyone benefits from having H. Saga's insurance coverage on the cargo


As always we really enjoy working with the community on multiple levels.  Your financing helps us grow and your feedback, criticism, support and suggestions keep us improving.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Peter, Jess and the Glam Fam

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