Erbaviva, Inc.

Erbaviva's First Co-op on Kickfurther

Los Angeles, CA

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31.78% Annualized $1.0357 for every $1.00

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81% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF Buyers,

Erbaviva makes and sells a wonderful 30 SPF mineral-based sunscreen, it is organic and natural, is a physical Zinc Oxide based sunscreen, is broad spectrum and has no harmful chemicals as well as having 80 minutes of water resistance. It was designed to be safe for use on babies but all family members can reliably use this safe gentle and protective formula. We typically start making sunscreens this early in winter - in readiness for the upcoming season, starting with shipping the first orders to some of our larger export accounts. We feel this will be a perfect for our first launch with Kickfurther, sunscreens are one of the more expensive items to produce - and since our SPF 30 Sunscreen is a fast turning and rapidly selling item at this time of year, we are excited to see how quickly we can sell our first 10,000 unit batch of the year! 

We source the core components from an FDA certified supplier and then we put it through our own special processes to make ready for shipment. We have been internally managing our production for 20 years (since 1998!) and have an excellent quality control process. Once the production is complete the product will be held in our Warehouse facility until the majority of it is shipped to a major wholesale customer. We will be paid on 30-day terms and will issue payment to Kickfurther promptly. 

 As a company, we incorporated in January 2010 and have enjoyed growing revenues well over $5m per year since 2014. We expect this to be a very smooth and profitable experience for all who participate. This raise is very modest, representing well under 2% of our revenue in the past 12 months. Our primary goal is to get familiar with the platform and earn the respect of the buyer community as we prepare to launch additional raises this year.

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