Erbaviva, Inc.

Erbaviva, Inc. Second Kickfurther Co-Op

Los Angeles, CA

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

18.61% Annualized $1.0780 for every $1.00

5.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

40% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF Buyers,

Due to popular demand, many of our customers requested we offer a larger sized version of two of our best sellling Baby line products - in order that they can use our products more economically on a daily basis. We are now offering a 16oz version of both Baby Lotion and Baby Wash - which we first made in much smaller quantities earlier this year and have proven to have great sell-through. These two larger sized staples of our Baby Line make an excellent 2nd Kickfurther Co-Op for all of these reasons. We have a couple of customers who have forecast good quantities and we are very confident to have sold through everything within the period indicated in the Co-Op details. 

We have been internally managing our production for 20 years (since 1998) and have an excellent organic manufacturing and quality control process. Once the productions is complete the product will be held in our Warehouse facility until the majority of it is shipped to a few major customers, the rest will be shipped to smaller accounts through a promotion we plan to run. We will mainly be paid on 30-day terms and will issue payment to Kickfurther promptly as we did with our first KF Co-Op.

 As a company, we have enjoyed growing revenues well over $5 million dollars per year since 2014. We expect this to be a very smooth and profitable experience for all who participate. This raise is very modest, representing under 2% of our revenue in the past 12 months.The owner has signed a personal guarantee and we are confident we will meet our projections. Since these items are larger with 16oz of product it helps us greatly in financing the production process with a Kickfurther campaign.

We sell our product through numerous channels including, but not limited to:

and many more....

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