Erbaviva, Inc.

Erbaviva 7th Co-Op - Baby Butter

Los Angeles, CA

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

8.66% Co-Op Profit Margin $2.28 profit per pack

7.3 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

We are happy to introduce our 7th Co-Op - for Organic Baby Butter. This is a best-selling moisturizer that is very popular in the winter months and especially in colder climates where babies need an aditional degreee of moisturization. We typically start making these in summer and ship through the fall to a number of larger customers who have a very faithful number of users of this product. Our baby butter goes through a very unique (and time consuming) process in manufacturing which helps differentiate the product from other types of moisturizers on the market. Super smooth, silky and rich and moisturizing it helps make the driest of skins glow with the rich buttery texture. Whiel we do make smaller batches of this product throughout the year, this co-op is geared to wards preparing for a rush of orders we have long history of receiving every Fall.

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