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Ellison Eyewear 1st Campaign

Chicago, IL



21.96% Annualized$1.1500 for every $1.00

11.9 MonthsCo-Op Completed

55% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Greetings Kickfurther! 

We are the rebels, adventurers, and the visionaries behind Ellison Eyewear.

We have seen explosive growth in Spring/Summer 2016 with the introduction of our innovative ClubEllison membership program and the expansion of our presense to over 60 stores, globally. As a result, we have sold roughly 70% of our inventory. In order to keep up with demand, we are eager to restock our best sellers, expand our product offering into optics and clip-ons, and upgrade our packaging for a more authentic, and unique consumer experience. 

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Being our first campaign, we will bring you up to speed by providing highlights from 2016. 

  • We've expanded into 60 brick-and-motar stores, gloablly. 

  • We have introduced our innovative ClubEllison membership program. 

  • We have been featured by some of the notable media publications in the world, and worn by some of the most recognized celebs/influencers (Please see media highlights below)

  • We have surpassed over 131k sales in 2016 alone. 

  • Secured an official partnership with FOX #1 rated show, EMPIRE.

  • Since the launch of ClubEllison in June, we have organically acquired over 1,200 new members, with ~18% of those members already taking advantage of their membership perks and rebuying.  

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2016 Media Highlights

    Business Features:

  • Business.com "Top 10 Startups to watch out for 2016" here

  • INC.com "How one business is solving your lost glasses problem" feature story here 

  • NBC "Top Chicago Entreprenuers" - here

  • Tasty Trade Ellison feature story here

  • WGN/Technori Ellison feature story here 

  • Huffington Post "Top 10 Coolest Fashion Start-Ups 2016" - here

  • BuiltinChicago.com "This sunglass company eases the pain of losing your designer shades" feature story here

    Ellison Lifestyle:

  • How are Ellison handmade sunglasses made? Here 

  • Ellison Eyewear Chicago 16' Summer Kick-Off Party - here

  • Ellison Eyewear New York City Launch Party - here 

  • Ellison Editorial Photo Shoot - here

  • Ellison Introduces new "Thermic Frames" - here 

    Ellison Philanthropic Impact:

  • Watch how Ellison built 10 homes to those in need here

  • Watch how Ellison built 30 homes to those in need here

    Ellison Influencer/Celebrity Features:

  • Rapper Waka Flocka wearing Ellison - here

  • Rapper Post Malone & 1st featuring Ellison - here

  • Official Sunglass Partnership for the FOX #1 hit show EMPIRE 

    Published Media Highlights: 

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 - NBC Chicago 

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We invite the Kickfurther community to join our journey and be apart of our expansion and meet the increasing demand of our products globally while benefiting financially the fruits of our labor -- yes, we are talking money! 

We look forward to building a bright and profitable relationship for the foreseable future! 

- Ellison Eyewear

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