11 Pine, Inc.

ElevenPine's First Co-Op

Boulder, CO


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31.4% Annualized $9.88 profit per pack

2.9 MonthsCo-Op Completed

82% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello Kickfurther Community,

ElevenPine is an emerging performance apparel based in Boulder, CO led by Tom Barney, the CEO of Osprey Packs the past 15 years and CEO of Royal Robbins the 10 years prior.

We have developed and patented innovative and disruptive cycling shorts that convert from form-fit on the bike to loose and stylish off the bike. The versatile shorts are great for all types of cycling - road, mountain, touring, gravel and indoor - as well as yoga, hiking, CrossFit and more. ElevenPine launched over 2 years ago and currently sells only direct to consumer.

ElevenPine decided to launch a Kickfurther campaign to finance our inventory via the Co-Op rather than equity as we have successfully for the past two years. This Co-Op is to finance the production of our best selling shorts, which are perfect for mountain bikers, commuters, hikers and more, called the Men's Crank It Up shorts and the Women's Rip It shorts. The shorts have been produced, are on the water and will be landing at our 3PL in Denver from which orders will be shipped. 

ElevenPine sells directly to consumers, mainly via our website and at many athletic events. We have successfully financed, produced and sold through many runs of our beloved styles, including the shorts in this campaign. Given the demand, we have already pre-sold a good number of shorts for later delivery. 

Please further note that we believe we have projected conservatively and intend to sell through faster, but if something unknown occurs, we plan to make payments on time regardless. 

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