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Hello Kickfurther Community!

In case you missed it, with the rise of Athleisure style (Athletics & Leisure combined) - not least due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles - leggings truly have become women's new best friend because they want to go from the office to the gym in one easy outfit. Leggings of course show off conveniently the results of our hard work ;-)  They're comfortable and stretch to fit - our top quality fabric is composed of 80% nylon and 20% Spandex (unlike imported leggings on the market which are made from 92/8 Polyester/Spandex) and we offer them in all US sizes and colors. You can imagine that a cool pair of top quality leggings will be one of the trendiest, useful and affordable gifts this season. Our neat signature clear pillow box with logo ribbon are attractive as a gift and provide the necessary protection to our intimates. Let's make them easily available via Amazon Fulfilment worldwide this season as our brand is steadily growing and we are poised to expand, not only nationally but globally, and market our products to customers all over the world. Help us stock a couple of Amazon Fulfillment Centers with some our bestselling made in U.S.A. leggings ahead of the busiest selling season of 2016!

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Our Elastic Wonder Leggings come wrapped in our signature clear pillow box with logo ribbon.

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Our Elastic Wonder Leggings are proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.

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Elastic Wonder is working to be a prominent globally-recognized manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of High Quality Leggings and other garments made from stretchable fabrics and we are looking for your support to reach our goals. We pride ourselves on creating long term relationships for growth and sustainability of all parties involved, and we would greatly welcome the opportunity to work together. 

We need less than a yard of fabric for one of our leggings and less than a yard of a 1 inch elastic band for the waist, thread, label and packaging plus maintenance for our sewing machines and workshop utilities in addition to labor cost. For our first CO-OP we are looking to raise about $26K in order to purchase quantities of raw material and pay for production cost, labeling and packaging, including shipping cost to Amazon Fulfillment Centers and bolster inventory for sale to existing and new customers during the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season, as we expand globally.

We recently set up our brand account on Amazon and are now looking to fund production of inventory to be sent to the amazon fulfillment center ahead of the upcoming holiday season. For our first CO-OP we are planning a generous 2 month manufacturing period, which is plenty considering our past performances in production and we can reasonably anticipate an early return of investment because the products will be we in place to be sold sooner, more widely available via additional selling platforms as well as more competitive pricing.

Some of the bestsellers have been stocked in the past and this co-op will also help stock Elastic Wonder's Amazon fulfillment catalog, which will be offered at lower prices for a faster sell through. Elastic Wonder will be one of the first manufacturer of leggings located in the USA, which fulfills via Amazon. In stock, ready to ship directly from the manufacturer at a percentage of the original labels prices, with a great margin and offered during the months leading up to the worlds biggest holiday season, a very fast sell through is expected.

During the Amazon fulfillment period Elastic Wonder will offer all of it's designs via it's current online channels, the online shop ElasticWonder.com and Etsy.com and other retail establishments as well as holiday market booths in New York and San Francisco. 

The Process: 

  • The time from placing our raw material order until arrival at the workshop in Oakland takes approximately 2 weeks. 

  • Production, Quality Control and Shipping to Fulfilment Centers takes approximately 45 days. 

  • Sales and distribution for the amount in this CO-OP, is estimated to go on through November 1st, 2016 until the end of February 28th, 2017. Due to the lower price point and Amazon Prime status during prime selling season inventory is expected to sell through faster than we conservatively projected. 

Once raw materials are ordered via our tested suppliers, it will be arriving at our production warehouse in Oakland California within 2 weeks, where the leggings will then be produced by sewers under ethic condition directly overseen by our staff. Once the garments have passed quality control they will be packaged in our trademark packaging and shipped to the Amazon Fulfilment Center where they are entering Amazon Prime status. 

Usually we work with a 2-3 weeks wait time for delivery, but the larger quantity production enabled via this CO-OP allows us to not only price the leggings more competitively which will help with a fast sell through but also the fact that we have Amazon to fulfill our leggings within a day if necessary, allows us to take advantage of last minute buyers weather they are looking for Christmas gifts, holiday party clothing and/or scouting party outfits for New Year's Eve. Plus we will hopefully have some quantities left for the customers who finally have time to get themselves a long deserved present in January and February.

Since we are going to be selling all our styles in addition to this CO-OP production line, we are very confident that we will be able to pay back our investors in time or ahead of time.

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