Organicix, LLC

DAVINCI IQ Purchase Order 1 by our main distributor

Las Vegas, NV

Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

Purchase Order Type

3.5% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.0350 for every $1.00

3.1 MonthsDuration

Purchase Methods

Hello Kickfurther Buyers,

We are Organicix LLC, better known under our trade name DAVINCI. Last year we earned over 4.5 million dollars selling premium herbal vaporizers.  We sell wholesale and direct to consumer on our website and through our numerous authorized resellers. You can see we are carried across the US and Canada. This particular co-op is intended to fund a purchase order issued by our main distributor Green Lane for our DaVinci IQ product.

We are growing rapidly along with our industry and the opportunity to have reliable purchase order financing support from the Kickfurther community is a great opportunity for us. 

We are a very established brand and have turned down numerous financing offers to participate on Kickfurther. We control our own production facility, we have over 6 years of experience, and we have numerous consistent retail relationships. You will notice we have received more than 7 purchase orders from DIFFERENT vendors in the last 90 days in addition to the numerous PO's we have received from our primary distributor.  Based on our substantial historical revenue and our purchase order assignment we plan to be an excellent partner.

We are committed to providing our buyers a smooth and profitable experience. Once funds are received they will be sent for new production. Unfortunately, we are not eligible for the Kickfurther Supplier Direct Badge because we actually own our factory in China. We believe this makes us even safer since we are knowledgeable and have great control over our supply chain process. From There we expect a 45 to 50-day production cycle, followed by a 7-9 day shipping period. Once the product is delivered to Green Lane we have a 30-day payment term, and since we have worked with Green Lane numerous times in the past we don't expect any delays. The purchase order has been assigned and payment from Green lane will be received by Kickfurther directly.

Please enjoy this video story of our Company, and below that see a brief trailer video for our DAVINCI IQ product which this co-op will fund!

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