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Daily Remedy - Top Selling Foot Soaks Line

Hamilton, NJ


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8.52% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.89 profit per pack

5 MonthsDuration


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DAILY REMEDY is seeking funding for our top selling line of foot soaks. We launched our original tea tree foot soaks in 2016 and have consistently been a Top 3 Seller on Amazon with that product. In 2019, we started expanding our foot soak line and now have 4 different scents (tea tree, lavender, muscle relief, citrus detox). When in stock, all 4 foot soaks are consistently one of the Top 10 Selling foot soaks on Amazon and we have every reason to believe it will stay that way! We truly believe we have the highest quality foot soaks on the market. The 17,000+ customer reviews speak for themselves :) Since expanding our foot soak line and seeing each new scent become a top seller, we have been struggling to stay in stock. This funding will allow us to achieve a lower cost of goods and also provide us with enough inventory to stay in stock and take advantage of our busiest season (Spring/Summer). Our projected sales are based on recent years where we have had to hold back our marketing efforts since inventory was too low. With this Co-Op, we will be able to promote these products during their peak season to their full potential for the first time. Our strongest competitive advantage is (and always has been) marketing on Amazon and our team anticipates a very high chance that we will pay this back early.

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