Company 19 LLC

Company 19, LLC: 6 Products and 5 Brands

Buda, TX


28.23% Annualized $1.1200 for every $1.00

5.2 MonthsCo-Op Completed

76% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Kickfurther Community! We are excited to be joining this awesome platform and hope to come back and do more offers in the future.

Company 19 has six products and five brands in everything from fitness to beauty products to Apple accessories.

Basecamp (pictured) is our newest product that we have developed under our iNZeyo Labs Brand. It is a charging station for the iWatch, iPhone and iPad. It has a nightlight, superior cable management, and its own power source, so it does not need to be near a computer.

We have already invested $35,000 of our own money developing the product. This includes all of the design, 3-D printed prototypes, machine prototypes, moldings and tools, as well as marketing and supporting materials.

We planned on only doing 1,000 units initially due to budget contraints, but in pre-launch testing, the reaction has been overwhelming positive. Other iWatch stand products that are much simpler and poorer in quality are selling 5,000 units their first month on Amazon even during the slow summer month selling season. 

The 4th quarter is coming soon, and sales skyrocket on Amazon for all products, especially good ones. We believe this product is going to sell through the roof this holiday season, and we need to be prepared. Through Basecamp and our other products we hope you invest in us in order to get a share our profits!

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