Big Stock, Inc

Co-Op 3 Aloe Water

FAIRVIEW, New Jersey

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

79.35% Annualized $42.15 profit per pack

2.5 MonthsCo-Op Completed

96% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Special Note Regarding Current Events: As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, we want you to know that there is no higher priority for us than the safety of our team, clients and community. We are closely following all guidelines from the CDC and other public health agencies as well as guidelines from the city and state. 

 We are very fortunate that as the country continues to practice social distancing and staying home, sales have more than doubled these past 3 weeks. Our products are sourced from countries that are not particularly hard hit by the outbreak at this time.We have established a timeline that we already expected to exceed in order to pay off early as we did on our first deal. Our products are food items with a long shelf life and ideal for this crisis. We will continue to work hard to supply food products to everyone. 

In addition, we are aware we are still funding a large deal, which has slowed since launch. We have strategies we can rely on if we cannot secure Kickfurther funding, but we far prefer to continue to develop this relationship. We thank you for your support and trust in us!


We are Big Stock Inc., a family run company, in business since 2013. We specialize in the importation and commercialization of packaged food and beverage products. We focus on high quality products made by world class companies with high manufacturing standards. We distribute a wide variety of SKU’s across NY, NJ , CT, MA, NC, SC, PA and RI. We have a fleet of trucks and vans for deliveries in the tri state area and PA, all other deliveries are done through third party transportation companies. We have just completed our first Kickfurther Co-Op more than 1 month (25%) early. Since its conception, Big Stock has grown steadily throughout the years. Our sales revenue has been on an incline with over $4 million in sales in 2019 and an amazing start to 2020.  For 2020, our forecasted projections for sales revenue is over $5 million as we have added key suppliers and valuable customer partnerships for our distribution operation. Although we continue to watch the current events as they develop, to date we have only see an increase in demand over the previous few weeks.

Demand for our products is consistently rising year over year and with our partnerships with leading brands in specific markets, we are confident we will reach the forecasted revenue. Regarding this particular co-op, we have partnered with this supplier to distribute their brand in the tri-state area (NY, NJ. CT). 

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