Guotai USA CO., LTD.

Close Out Jeans Sales

Los Angeles, CA

Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

4% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.0400 for every $1.00

3 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

Hey Kickfurther community, Guotai is back again! For our second co-op, we need your assistance to finance a close-out deal that we have. 

The goods are in China and we are selling the Jeans to a customer from NY, he will take possession of the goods in China but his terms are net 60. We are covered by an Insurance company this customer up to $300,000, but we need to pay in full to buy these goods in order to sell them. Please help us fulfill this Purchase Order! We are happy to offer a 4% return over an estimated 2 months. Now let's get growing!

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