CINEMOOD Trendsetters Co.

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater Second Co-Op RELAUNCH

Palo Alto, CA

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

19.36% Annualized $9.14 profit per pack

4.4 MonthsCo-Op Completed

44% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

**This is our 2nd attempt on this Co-Op. We have reduced the dollar amount and duration accordingly as well as increased the profit significantly. Thanks for your support!**


Hello Kickfurther Community! 

We are excited to present our second Co-Op to you to finance our holiday inventory for our CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater, which has been selling increasingly faster and has reached a point where we can scale faster by bringing in additional funds. The objective of this Co-Op is to pursue growing our wholesale market and to utilize Kickfurther as a long-term solution as we grow. 

Our projectors are produced in China with the same manufacturer that we have used for years and stored in our self-managed warehouse in California. Because the inventory we are financing on this first Co-Op is already in our warehouse, you are not subject to any production risk (we've never had any issues with our supply chain, but peace of mind can't hurt)!

This inventory will be sold Direct to Consumer through

As well as wholesale through big box stores like

Our projections are conservative for this holiday season, and we plan to complete our Co-Op on time or early. We are confident in these projections because we have already sold through these channels historically and we are confident demand will stay level or increase while we continue to pursue new wholesale channels. 

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