Best of Times LLC

Best of Times 5th Co-Op on Kickfurther

San Marcos, CA

Sorry this Co-Op did not reach its funding goal by the time it expired.

Inventory Inspection Type

9% Co-Op Profit Margin $12.07 profit per pack

6.7 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

We just finished our 3rd co-op here on the platform and are excited to launch our 5th co-op to help us fund our inventory for Q3 sales this year.  As we work to navigate the new world of tariffs, your support on Kickfurther helps is an ideal tool to help us manage our inventory levels for our higher sales periods.  This co-op is larger because we will be using it to fund our primary SKU that is involved in almost all orders from customers.  We hope our recent track record with co-ops shows that we are a reliable partner and hope you will continue to support us.  We are right in the middle of our high sales season and just had the best month ever in terms of revenues, so help us keep it going! 

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