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Hey Kickfurther - Thank you in advance for taking a look at our products!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are beginning to blaze the retail market, and need to make inventory!  We are starting local here in Colorado, and are already in 14 high end boutique pet stores.  We need your help!

Tina J, Tina A, Tasha, and I have grown up with pets our whole lives. For many years we've been surrounded by immeasurable love - the kind of love only your dog can provide. Forever happy to see you, always ready for a RUN, constantly wanting to PLAY, quick to love on you, ready to RELAX with you…..etc. And of course always ready to REPEAT again the very next day. Think about it - whether you are young or old, the stress of the day can almost always be minimized or melted away by the loving wag of a sweet little tail and an adorable furry face. We are honored to have the opportunity to give back, and in our own way say thank you for countless hours, days, and years of love and devotion. It is our mission to create fun, interactive, and durable products for both you and your loving dog, AKA your best friend.


American Dog is a new brand dedicated to USA made dog products. Our products are durable and interactive, fun to look at and even more fun to enjoy. For many years, we have been making all sorts of sewn products for a variety of customers. We make other peoples dreams come true and we absolutely love what we do! We currently construct tactical, technical, fashion, outdoor, and training gear. We’ve taken the technical skills that come from 14 years of creating high-end, American made products, and applied them to our pet line. This is a lifestyle brand committed to designing interactive products for both Dog’s and their Humans. We build our toys with 1,000-D Cordura, an extremely durable military spec material, currently being used on the battlefield today. There is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, but because of the construction and materials, we believe our products are truly superior! These products are meant to be used, abused and loved by you and your dog...

Our promises to all of you --

• To design and manufacture cool and durable products with both you and your dog in mind

• To create American jobs by only manufacturing our products in the US

• To never forget our own passion for play and the memory of our past pets, as well as the ones who stand beside us today

• And lastly, to give back by supporting shelters in the US and giving love one toy at a time…

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