AGOGIE Resistance Band Pants - Co-Op #4

Saint Louis, Missouri

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8.04% Co-Op Profit Margin $19.87 profit per pack

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AGOGIE - This is our 4th Co-Op with all previous Co-Ops paid off early. AGOGIE is a fast Growing Resistance Apparel Brand. Why are we running this campaign? We consistently run out of inventory due to rapid growth and exposure. Our goal with this campaign is to increase our inventory levels and to have more consistent incoming inventory shipments. We have grown 6x over our 2019 sales revenue in 2020.

Additionally, we are fortunate enough to be in the Top 10 of 100 Fastest-Growing Categories in E-Commerce (Weight Training):
Worn by 100s of professional athletes in:  

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • NBA
  • Use in NFL Combine Training by many facilities in the US including: 
  • MAMBA Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, California
  • The Saint James in Springfield, Virginia
Who is the target audience?  AGOGIE started with a target audience in athletics with the understanding that the product would be great for broad-based consumers. AGOGIE‚Äôs target market has shifted over the last two years due to exposure on The Rachel Ray and Tamron Hall shows. This has led to a predominantly women-led target audience. The male target audience has been rising due to the launch of the free AGOGIE Zoom workout sessions with Myron Flowers, a performance coach to many professional athletes, and Zaineb Zizi, a Yoga instructor to many NBA and NFL athletes. Current Breakdown:

  • 49% -  Women
  • Top age demographic: 45 -54 yrs old
  • 51% - Men
  • Top age demographic: 35 -44 yrs old
How do the pants "work" and how are the bands set up to achieve that goal? AGOGIE pants have eight built-in resistance bands that add a layer of passive resistance over the natural muscle and ligament lines, creating an exoskeleton of resistance. While wearing AGOGIE, your muscles have to work harder to do the same tasks and your tendons and ligaments have to work at all times to stabilize the extra workload.  However, they are designed with comfort in mind; the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric allows the resistance bands to stretch out and comfortably move with your body, while the resistance bands are positioned to mimic natural muscle and ligament lines. More specifically,

  • The back resistance channels run from the glutes, down the hamstrings, and to the ankle.
  • The front resistance channels attach at the hip flexors and run down the quads, around the knee, and to the ankle.
  • The front resistance channels surround the knee to prevent any restrictions of mobility while also assisting in patella tracking.
  • Half-sock anchors the pants below the foot, stretching the resistance bands out.
What's the biggest selling point for someone who might not be into fitness or know too much about resistance bands? AGOGIE resistance pants are designed to turn your normal daily activities into a workout. Millions of people use resistance bands every day to strengthen muscles, burn fat and rehabilitate tendons and joints. With 8 resistance bands inside each pair, AGOGIE resistance pants add constant tension to every movement you make. Quickly warming up your muscles and challenging you in new ways. AGOGIE resistance pants allow you to maintain your full range of motion without any restrictions of movement, so the more you move, the more the pants work. What other clothing does this for you? Regardless if you are wearing the AGOGIE pants for athletic training, walking the dog, or the most mundane daily chore, you wear the same product and turn the task into a workout 

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