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Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

7.14% Co-Op Profit Margin $3.00 profit per pack

4.8 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

The funds raised through our first Co-Op will help us to produce our extremely popular 5th Scent fragrances for men and women in our standard two sizes; 100ml and 50ml.  This inventory will be sold through our Amazon sales channel. Thank you for your consideration!

Our mission

Inspired by the power of humankind’s most important sense, our mission is to create fragrances that have a power of persuasion, greater than words and appearances.


Our Vision

5th Scent aims to provide world-class perfume selections to customers that acknowledge the power of their 5th Sense without breaking the bank, one bottle at a time through the medium of fragrance.


A World-Class Team

Our Loyal community of staff is crucial to 5th Sense’s success in delivering tailored fragrance choices to its customers. Guided by our distinguished Fragrance Specialists, our team on the field abound with creativity, knowledge, and a one-of-a-kind passion for their work. Our founder, Osman Fatih Aysu excels at finding extraordinary talent and has put together the best in the world to nurture and develop our brand.

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