United Spirit of America

5th O&M PO backed Co-Op!

Peachtree City GA, 30269


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on Nov 20, 2017

Purchase Order Type

6.24% Annualized $1.0160 for every $1.00

3.9 MonthsCo-Op Completed

3% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF Buyers,

We've received another purchase order from our publicly traded fortune 500 vendor, Owens & Minor who distributes our products to the US Military. This Co-Op is funding our popular 50 SPF  Warrior sunscreen.

Each Case has 24 units of 3.0 ounces each of the best formula in the market with a powerful total protection from UVA/UVB sunburn. Camo presentation convenient, TSA compliant order via EDI Cardinal Health or Owens & Minor MMC catalog.

We have now completed 5 total Co-ops. One under the original KF model and 4 under the Purchase Order Model and this is our 5th PO backed Co-Op. Co-ops 2-5 were ALL backed by Owens and Minor the same PO issuer for this Co-Op. 

1st Co-op (non PO backed) - https://www.kickfurther.com/coop/warrior-i

2nd Co-op - https://www.kickfurther.com/coop/united-spirit-sells-to-owns-and-minor

3rd Co-op - https://www.kickfurther.com/coop/united-spirit-owens-minor-2

4th Co-op - https://www.kickfurther.com/coop/owens-and-minor-purchase-order-number-3

5th Co-op - https://www.kickfurther.com/coop/united-spirit-of-america-owens--minor-4th-co-op

We are proud to have pioneered the PO assigned Kickfurther program and not only do we assign our purchase orders, but Kickfurther has been assigned for all payments from our vendor, Owens & Minor for an extended period to ensure a smooth process for all involved.

This purchase order will operate just as previous orders have. 

We believe the profit offered is fair and reasonable based on the strength of our business, the strength of Purchase Order issuer, and because of our extensive history of successful co-ops on the Kickfurther platform.

We receive purchase orders with a relatively short turnaround and payment terms from this client on a regular basis. Instead of constantly having to wait on payment terms, we can keep our production on schedule to maximize the orders we get. We are excited about what we can do with the new Kickfurther model and your help. We are completely confident in our vendor with whom we have worked for years. 

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