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Hi, Kickfurther community!

Lulabop Inc (dba Heroclip) is a consumer product company based in Seattle, WA, and we make innovative products that make life easier, no matter what you are doing! Our flagship product, Heroclip, is the world’s first carabiner clip with a rotating hook so that you can hang just about anything, just about anywhere  - a purse off a suitcase handle, a diaper bag off of a restroom door, a purse off of a table or chair, a toiletry bag from a towel rack, a lunchbox from a fence, even a pack on a tree branch! When not in use, the hook folds securely and nests compactly onto the clip, so you can take it with you everywhere. 

We launched our product through a crowdfunding campaign, and we have been unstoppable since. With two utility patents granted, and after pre-selling $400,000 worth of product to 8000 backers over three crowdfunding campaigns, we have sold more than 500,000 units in the last 4 years and more than $5M dollars in the same time period.  In 2019, our revenue was over $2M. 

Because our product is so versatile, we have multiple channels and markets from which to generate revenue. We sell wholesale, in third-party marketplaces (like Amazon) and on our own website ( Our retailer partners are as diverse as REI, The Container Store and select Ace Hardware Stores, and our brand partners include the iconic fashion brand BAPE and innovative outdoor brand Mpowerd. 

As proud as we are of our achievements in a short time, 2020 promises to blow all previous years out of the water.  At the end of 2019, we finalized agreements with distributors in Korea, Singapore, and the UK. We also have a wholesale pipeline of two major (we mean MAJOR) retailers for whom we are building inventory. We decided to enlist the help of the Kickfurther community because we believe in the power of the “crowd.” We know that Heroclip would not exist if not for the early backers who had faith in us and supported us through three crowdfunding campaigns as we built our line -- they are the unnamed VIPs we thank whenever we have a win (which happens quite a bit!). And because of this, we take our accountability to the “crowd” (YOU!) extremely seriously, and we always deliver on our word -- our track record speaks for itself.

Help us take our company by funding the inventory necessary to take us to the next level!

A Summary of Our Achievements:

  • We have sold more than half a million Heroclips in the U.S. and around the world in the few years we have been selling.

  • Our products can be found at all REI locations and The Container Store, as well as at select locations at national retailers like Ace Hardware and 250 other stores.

  • Our versatile product has been heralded in media as diverse as Health, Outside, Real Simple, ESPN, Popular Mechanics, The Boston Globe, Forbes, and many more. Heroclip was even featured in ABC’s hit sitcom Superstore (with the fabulous America Ferrera)!  Check out our press at

  • We started out with one size of Heroclip, and in one short year, we added two additional sizes that are optimized for the different activities our customers love.

Why fund us?

  • We have two granted utility patents.

  • We have a strong sales record.

  • We have a premium quality product that users find indispensable -- our Amazon rating is 4.7 out of 5 from 500+ reviewers and our REI rating is 4.9 out of 5 from 65+ reviewers.

  • Because Heroclip is so versatile, we can sell to a diversified customer base (one of our reviewers said that Heroclip is “infinitely useful for anyone living on earth”).

  • We have a skilled and ambitious team with decades of combined experience in start-ups, consumer products, marketing, operations, and finance.

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