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4th Co-Op funding 4 Cam MDVR 4G Streaming System

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Kickfurther Note: The Credit Card Limit has been raised for this Co-Op only to allow for 1 pack to be purchased by Credit Card. 

Hi Everyone,

I have done 3 successful co-ops in the past and in all cases, all buyers were paid off early or on time!! And we are back and we will be working with KickFurther and the buyer community again with the launch of one of most exicting products to date! This particular co-op is for our new product that we are going to launch in the fleet trucking industry! We have sold thousands and thousands of dashcams for truckers for years and we are now going to launch a much-anticipated camera system designed for the fleet trucking industry! This camera system is perfect for 2019, because it allows a fleet trucking company to install a MDVR cam system with up to 5 cameras/viewpoints on the truck/trailer. Having up to 5 viewpoints being viewed and recorded onto the MDVR in 1080P Video will allow the fleet trucking company to be able to prove what happened on all accidents going forward! So instead of the trucking company just losing on every accident and being sued and having rising insurance costs, the trucking company will prove what happened and will exonerate their driver and company in situations when the truck driver was not at fault!

And what makes this camera system exciting and perfect for fleets is the ability for live streaming and viewing! This new camera system has WIFI and 4G built-in, so if the fleet trucking company provides an WIFI hotspot on the truck or adds a 4G SIM CARD from ATT, T-Mobile or Verizon, this MDVR system and all of the videos, past and present (live viewing) is now available for the fleet to view or download on any device, computer, laptop, phone or tablet! That's right, if a trucker was in an accident or almost accident, he can call his company and now the employee at the fleet headquarters can access, download and view the accident in seconds from their phone or computer, and then send this video to their insurance company or lawyers immediately!

Plus, this system offers many other features like GPS live tracking, large LCD for truck driver to use as blindspot awareness and much more! This type of technology is wanted and asked for by small, medium and large trucking companies because this technology accomplishes 2 things for their trucking company: 

1. When a driver knows that their driving is being recorded or could be viewed live at any time, the driver will drive more safely, which will reduce accidents

2. The trucking company will now to be able to prove what happened on all accidents in 1080P Video from up to 5 viewpoints, which will greatly reduce erroneous lawsuits and insurance premiums

We already have 20+ leads from trucking companies with 10, 25 or 50+ Trucks and we not launched these on our website officially yet. We have done over 2 months of research and beta testing on the system we are going to launch and we are extremely confident in the technology and quality. Also we are already selling other MDVR 3-8 camera systems for truckers and fleet trucking companies with great success today, but what we sell today does not offer the 4G live streaming capabilities! Plus, we have over 500 trucking companies that have bought from us in the last 3 years that we will approach and market this new techology as well!

TD Electronics will be the company that buys and distributes this product to our dealers, wholesalers and directly to fleet trucking companies. We use our Fleet Trucking brand that is part of TD Electronics, called Falcon Electronics. Here is our website that will be selling direct to fleets and truckers:

Here is a quick promo video that we have put together, many more videos will be coming out in the next few weeks:

We are super excited about this product but also with working with the Kickfurther community again! Kickfurther is a great way for us to partner with hundreds of individual supporters, which not only helps us with the funding of launching this new product but also with receiving valuable feedback and ideas from successful investors, business owners and leaders like you!

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