Nettleton Shoes

3rd Co-Op funding pre-sold goods for a major retailer

Coral Gables, FL

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

19.72% Annualized $56.54 profit per pack

7.3 MonthsCo-Op Completed

49% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

** This Co-Op has been re-launched with a longer funding period because we know the holidays are a busy season for everyone and the previous posting came within $10,000 of it's goal. We look forward to your questions and support. Do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions!**

** We have cannot reveal our retail partner's name, due to their wishes, but they are a brand owned by the Hudson Bay Company. **

Hello KF Buyers,

Nettleton shoes is back! We have completed 2 Kickfurther Co-Ops (1st in 2016 and the 2nd earlier in 2018) that worked out very well for us as well as our buyers. This inventory finance will allow us to start production on a batch of inventory for which we have committed orders from a major retail partner to be delivered over a 2.5 month period in February-April. We will not have to depend on new orders signed at upcoming tradeshows, but if those orders do materialize before we complete fulfillment to our single retail partner those sales will count towards our KF invoices. 

We have structured this deal as pay as you sell because the process to be set up as a payee with our retail partner took months and it is not feasible to switch it to KF. It also means that if we secure additional sales of the product line through our independent sales distributors or by our own efforts at our tradeshows that those sales will also speed the payout. 

Overview Information

Supply Chain

We have already placed an initial deposit to begin production with suppliers to ensure timely completion. 


We will have the units shipped to our facility in the US over a month before the first shipment is due to the retail partner. This way we can ensure timely delivery by Truck without the risk of unexpected delays at the port. 

Sales Channels

We expect the majority of these units to be sold to our main retail partner whose order value is well over the production cost. That said these are products that we will be selling to our numerous independent retail customers through 3 primary channels:

  • Repeat Orders

  • Sales from our independent sales reps

  • Sales we secure at tradeshows we attend in the spring

Payment Terms

In our most recent Co-Op we felt we did not plan for a long enough payment term to ensure that we could make our payments out of KF funded inventory sales revenue without supplementing our KF payments with other business revenue. This time we have solved that problem and do not foresee any cashflow pinches. That said we are proud that we demonstrated to KF buyers that when push came to shove we did everything in our power to meet our commitments. 

This is a photo of our warehouse facility taken from a KF inspection prior to our previous deal. 

Image title

Image title

Image title

Nettleton Shoes is a very established family business with multiple owners, high-quality product and a track record of responsibility on Kickfurther. This co-op will be similar in size to the 2 co-ops we completed successfully on Kickfurther and represents less than 10% of our revenue. We are financing goods we already have retailer commitments for. This means the schedule should be very dependable since there are fewer unknowns than in our previous deal. 

We look forward to a smooth and profitable experience for our buyers. 

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