Shag Supply LLC

2nd Co-op on Kickfurther

Las Vegas, NV

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9.03% Co-Op Profit Margin $123.10 profit per pack

7 MonthsDuration


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Hello KF Community!

Thanks to everyone for a very successful first Co-op.  Due to the overhwhelming positive response from the first co-op, we are repeating the same production selection this time around.  Join us for continued success!

Shag Supply is a tasteful and playful online adult store. We’ve been in business since 2013, and in that time, we’ve endeavored to make buying high-quality, curated adult toys and products SEXY, FUN, and DISCREET.  We've grown to over 1M in sales, driven by strong sales on online marketplaces such as, and Ebay. We are also expanding internationally on the Amazon platform, selling in Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Italy and soon Japan.

We've built strong relationships with top manufacturers of premium products and our sales continue to rise.  We think Kickfurther is a great way to meet consumer demand for inventory and finance continued growth. This Co-Op represents less than 10% of our 12-month revenue and we would like to establish an ongoing relationship with the Kickfurther community such that we can scale up.

Online retail is extremely competitive by simple nature, and that special variation of retail offered by marketplaces like Amazon and eBay is even more ruthless. So how does a pure retailer like us succeed at the Game of Margin, where a winning spread might only be a percent or two?

Winner take all; the premier seller can typically expect to grab 80% or more of all marketplace sales of a given product (we routinely clear 90% of the “buy box” sales on Amazon across all products we stock).

Please connect with us by email at goes to both company owners) or reach out to us in the comments. 

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