New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply

29th Co-Op - Fund our 3 Ply Face Mask

Manalapan, NJ

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7.11% Co-Op Profit Margin $2.20 profit per pack

6.5 MonthsDuration


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This deal will not allow credit cards. You can transfer funds in by bank linking or use existing Kickfurther funds from your payouts

Fast Facts On New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply

  • 15 Completed Deals 

  • 100% on time or early payments across all completed and open Co-Ops

  • Over $850,000 Paid out across 28 Co-Ops

  • New Wave's 2018 Revenue (Oct 17-Sept 18 Tax Year): $5.4 Million+

Hello, Kickfurther Community!

We are Daneli Corp aka New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply and we are back again for our twenty-first co-op on the Kickfurther platform. We have successfully completed 15 co-ops ON TIME OR EARLY(breaking our own record!). Our company's mission is to supply the highest quality nail salon products at the lowest prices possible to all of our customers. We serve salons and beauty product distributors across our expanding regional territories.

We currently deliver to 28 states in the northeast, southeast and midwest U.S. by our own fleet of trucks. All other states are delivered by Fed Ex Ground. 

  • We did $4.3 Million+ - 2016 Tax Return 

  • We did $4.7 Million+ - 2017 Tax Return 

  • We did 5.4 Million+ - 2018 Tax Return

  • We boast 100% on-time/early payments on all our past and current co-ops. 

  • All Payments were made on time or early as of 3/7/2019 - THAT'S 100% ON-TIME PAYMENT RECORD!

We take our commitment to the KF community very seriously.

This co-op is specifically for: 

  • 3-PLY FACE MASK (20 BOXES - 50 PCS./BOX)

This is a basic product and something we have been selling successfully for a decade. 

We have not yet paid for the deposit on this order, and the order will be available in couple weeks and we expect it to arrive and be entered into our warehouse by May, but we have allowed 1 week of buffer to account for any delays. 

The inventory will be stored in our self-managed warehouse space like all of our previous deals.

We will begin providing sales reports on a bi-weekly basis immediately following the Inventory availability. Our inventory levels will be physically inspected by Kickfurther to ensure business reporting accuracy.

We have estimated approximately six months of selling time which we believe is a conservative estimate. Although we have funded several of our SKU's you can see that many of the products we offer are not currently covered by any Kickfurther co-op -

Our funded SKUs are commodities that have a huge market demand and do not rely on perceived brand value or marketing spend. 

Our business had over 4 million dollars in revenue on our last 2 tax returns. Additionally, our revenue grew by over $600,000 to over 5.4 million in 2018. 

We have personally guaranteed this co-op.

We have been in business for over 11 years. 

New Wave Wholesale Nail Supply consistently delivers to our customers and the buyers of our previous co-ops. Our buyers on this co-op won't experience anything different. 

**Join the Daneli Team**

We have put a lot of effort over the last 18 months into building a reputation with buyers on Kickfurther for consistent results. The more buyers who join the Daneli Team and accept slightly lower rates for a proven KF performer will be glad they did. We plan to increase the frequency of financing we do through Kickfurther provided we can continue to achieve comparable rates to the ones offered on this Co-Op. We always appreciate our returning buyers, but we hope to get everyone who hasn't backed us yet to give it a try!

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