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Integrate with Shopify for a modern site with dynamic ecommerce and inventory management support and a supportive community and app ecosystem.


Time to think beyond just social and your own website. Brandzooka lets you reach your target customers with your killer video on the best sites on the web. The power to easily reach your customers across millions of sites around the world is now at your fingertips.


Spiffly is a community for natural and organic industry fanatics to discover brands and products. The Boulder, CO based company aggregates the natural industry community for the first time ever and channels its insane passion to discover, buy and share favorite brands like never before.


We offer a better line of credit to a new generation of business owners and leaders. And we use tech to make everything easier — we facilitate the lending and reporting process so that our clients can spend more time focused on driving their business revenues and less time managing their cash flows.


Payability pays online product sellers/vendors today for their unpaid invoices and sales from online marketplaces like,, Best Buy, Toys R Us and others.


Doba is the ultimate B2B drop-shipping marketplace created to help suppliers increase distribution and sales by connecting them with thousands of established retailers.


SD3D is a 3D printing service and solutions company helping a wide range of companies from small to large size. We provide prototyping services but specialize in low-medium volume production runs. In addition to the standard thermoplastic printing, we now offer metal casting options such as aluminum.


A Boulder-based investment accelerator and fund focused on companies with at least one female in leadership. MergeLane is proving that investing in women isn’t just the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.


NuORDER is a cloud & mobile B2B eCommerce solution empowering brands and retailers to streamline their business operations since 2011. We are a disruptive technology revolutionizing how wholesale business is conducted.


Everything you need to build and scale consumer products successfully. Vetted factories, industry experts, and merchandising hubs in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. Reach out to for more info.

Kiva Zip

Kiva is a non-profit providing 0% interest, no-fee loans to small business owners in the United States. Kiva loans range from $500 - $10,000, and are crowdfunded from a community of lenders from all over the world. Get started here.

Open Innovations

Open Innovations provides fully productized inventions all the way through the open innovation supply chain: from the invention inception to incubated technologies and go-to-market ready spinoff companies.

Dragon Innovation

The fastest, safest, and simplest way to start and scale manufacturing. We've supported some of the best names in hardware, such as Pebble, Makerbot, Ring, and hundreds more. Our proven process, delivered through a combination of technology and human expertise, enables teams to move at entrepreneur speed.

Quantum Networks

We are an online retailer (e-tailer) based in NYC that owns and operates a family of eCommerce websites focused on bringing innovative products to market.


We give you the tools to grow your brand by creating quality merchandise. We design, source, print, store, and ship everything for you so you can focus on your mission. We are a full turn-key solution, providing all of these services and more, making your life a lot easier and increasing your efficiency.

Start Motion Media

StartMotionMEDIA uses professional video production to support your crowdfunding project so you can communicate your product's essence and boost your marketing impact. Our comprehensive video production helps you inspire and motivate investors to put money toward your funding goal.

Star Funding

We specialize in trade financing, including Purchase Order Funding, AR Factoring and Letters of Credit. We help manufacturers, importer/exporters and similar businesses grow with our business-friendly loans.

Design to Matter

As a full service, product development consultancy, D2M can take your idea from concept to market. D2M uses a design process that is effective, battle tested, and highly adaptive. As product design experts, D2M specializes in ME, EE, prototyping, analysis, testing, and manufacturing.


Every year, TrendSeeder welcomes a select group of emerging fashion & beauty companies into our ecosystem. Each entrepreneur participates in a rigorous education curriculum, customized one-on-one expert sessions and exceptional networking events all led by our extraordinary and growing family of 100+ Mentors and our industry partners.


Ecospire is an impact marketplace for responsible makers and suppliers to connect and for conscious shoppers to explore products with a purpose. We are inspiring a sustainable planet.

FitBiz Loans

Many companies do one or two types of loans. FitBiz Loans are experts in small business financing and offer dozens of funding options. From SBA loans and equipment leasing, to fast working capital and invoice factoring. Whether you need $5,000 or $5,000,000 FitBiz Loans has the right financing option to help your small business grow.

World Equipment Source

We help US-based businesses source physical products from China. We can assist in every stage of the sourcing procedure, including finding the right factory, quality control, post-production inspections, shipping and customs. For more established companies, we can focus on specialized issues they may be having with their suppliers.


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